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Are you a writer still dreaming or trying to get your work published?   Do you have a manuscript?  Do you have a story to tell, an article of interest, a collection of recipes?  Do you write poems?  Do you have any type of work that you would like to see in print

Do you need your work or project typed and prepared for, and or converted to, galleys?   Do you need your work or galleys printed?   Do you need an editor or proofer for your work?   Do you need cover art or illustrations for your book or project?   Do you need an ISBN# for your work? Bar Code? Copyright registered?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then perhaps I can help you.

Hello, My name is Doris Newnam.   Tex Star Publishing is my new publishing company.   Like you, I dreamed of having my work published.   Getting published I soon learned was much more difficult than the writing -- that's the easy part.   And several years and lots of money later, I have learned a few things about the publishing business.   And if you want to benefit from my "school of hard knocks" and enlist my help, together we will work to bring your work to fruition and get your book to press and a finished product in your hands.

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